Hello I'm Sophie I work at Zest Car valeting.

I really like working here. I'm the only girl so far on the project, working with the lads, I love it!

We all look out for each other.

"Team work makes the dream work."


From Paul at Zest.

I run my Thursday team like a well oiled machine.

It's my job to keep Martin (the boss) in line.

I have learnt lots at Zest and I can now take car bookings at Eastbourne.

Hi I'm Arran I like talking to customers and I like customer service.

When we finish a car I always show the customer around the car and show them the jobs we have done.

Hello I'm Sam. Zest makes me feel happy. I always do a good job.

Working with the team makes me smile. I am team leader sometimes and I am good at taking charge. I like the responsibility of being the team leader.