GREAT NEWS ..... We have just found out that our contract has been extended with East Sussex County Council until March 2017. 

Sincere apologies for not informing you sooner however Zest Sussex has only just received this confirmation from ESCC. 

A huge thank you to everybody that has supported Zest since the funding cuts were announced and please continue your with support.

Update Summer 2016 WE STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR FUNDING FROM ESCC ... Unlike other projects the full council at ESCC voted NOT to cut Zests funding BUT ... No one from the County Council can tell us what the vote means to Zest. We are still open which is very good news however ... Do we have funding until September 2016??? March 2017???? or secured funding for another three years. 

When we know we promise to share the news with you ..............

Thank you to everyone who has supported the SAVE ZEST CAMPAIGN and please contnue with your support.

ZEST SUSSEX is under threat from Council cuts - we simply DON'T WANT TO CLOSE

We have been informed by the Council our funding will be removed or drastically cut because of the savings they need to make. If this happens it will take effect in April 2016.


Thursday 18th December 2015 we handed in over 4,000 signatures, comments and messages of support to save Zest Sussex to East Sussex County Council.

It is now out of our hands and in the hands of the Cabinet and Full Council - let's keep everything crossed they make the right decision and honour our contract until September 2016.

Zest Sussex needs you - can you help Zest with

  • fundraising
  • do anything to help raise our profile
  • make a donation
  • any other support

If so please click on this link - Contact Zest for our contact details and get in touch with Martin or Kerry