Individual Training & Development


At Zest we are committed to ensuring the people with Learning disabilities and autism reach their potential and are given the opportunities to succeed in everything they do in life.

We know and believe that if people are coached and nurtured in a positive and can do personalised approach; their lives can be more fulfilled and rewarding.

As well as our successful group training courses, we also provide individual training sessions where we work closely with the person who wants to learn or improve on certain tasks or where one to one training would optimise the individuals skill set.

With over 25 years of experience in working with people with learning disabilities and autism we have successfully trained individuals in some of the following skills, but can provide training in any area of life skills that you may require to improve an individual’s personal development. 

  • Household tasks: cleaning, cooking and general domestic duties 
  • Financial: including banking, payment methods, security, budgeting 
  • Time keeping: personal appointments, telling the time
  •  Communication skills: processing, listening, understanding instruction 
  • Travel training: preparing a route, buying tickets, timetables 
  • Personal hygiene: tidiness, laundry, personal appearance 
  • Customer service: meet and greet, customer interaction, marketing 
  • Numeracy: learning to count, addition, subtraction 
  • IT skills: being careful online and social media 
  • Healthy eating: diet plan, exercise, food shopping 
  • Shopping: online and in-store, paying for goods 
  • Job hunting: application, CV’s 
  • Interviews: preparation and skills  

Our training normally would take place at the individual’s home or where relevant for the specific training that is being carried out.  

We would have an initial meeting with you to find out your exact requirements and to make sure that we are all happy with the aims and goals and the personalised content of the training to ensure positive results and outcomes.  

Learning or improving at just one skill or a number of skills can assist in gaining independence which enables everyone to utilise these, learn new strengths, achieve excellent results, maximise every individuals full potential ………. and above all make a difference.