Ready2Go is a hands on classroom based learning scenario, centred on teaching independence, life and work skills to improve individuals opportunities and well being.

Ready2Go is all about learning essential life skills that we all take for granted.

The classes can either be run by us or we take pride in working with you to develop and enhance what you are currently delivering. 

The workshops and classes include the following:

  • Money skills: including banking, payment methods, security, budgeting
  • Time keeping: personal appointments, telling the time
  • Communication skills: processing, listening, understanding, finding a preferred way to communicate
  • Numeracy: learning to count, addition, subtraction
  • IT skills: being careful online and social media
  • Healthy eating: diet plan, exercise, food shopping
  • Shopping: online and in-store, paying for goods
  • Travel training: preparing a route, buying tickets, timetables
  • Personal hygiene: tidiness, laundry, personal appearance
  • Customer service: meet and greet, customer interaction, marketing
  • Job hunting: application, C. V’S
  • Interviews: preparation and skills


Every student is awarded a certificate for attending and completing a Ready2Go workshop.