Workplace Training & Personal Development


Zest gives hands on support and training to people with learning disabilities and autism.  We offer a positive pathway for students and adults with learning disabilities and autism with proven life changing results.  Zest provides a unique training environment centred on a can-do attitude with the focus on ability and not disability. 

There are two specific routes that our training focuses on which are of equal importance and are driven and determined by the individual’s skill set, personal goals and development plans: 
• Workplace Training and Personal Development  

• Ready2Go  

Our belief means we strive to make a difference for every individual and maximise each person’s potential.   

The training programme is a unique and positive pathway for students and adults with learning disabilities and autism to gain confidence and the vitally important skills for the transition between school and college and into the work place.
The training is centred around a car valeting business model with emphasis on targeted and structured work place training, delivering professional and high standards in all aspects of work and customer service.  


It is important to say at this stage that we are not training people to become car valeters (unless they want to!) ………the project is so much more than this.  The training is a support package and opportunity to learn work placed skills and experience which include work ethics and behaviour, money handling, customer service, team working, time keeping, making and receiving telephone calls to customers, marketing, taking bookings and just as importantly making the tea and coffee. Every trainee and student are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential and have the mind and skillset ready for the transition into paid employment and improving their future prospects.  

There are three stages of development, from introducing the students to the workplace and techniques, to working on vehicles and finally progressing onto team leader and management roles. 

The whole training programme is structured and obviously far more detailed than this and we would be happy to discuss this with you and to meet your exact requirements.  

We believe this project allows everyone to utilise their skills, learn new strengths, achieve excellent results, maximise every individuals full potential ………. and above all make a difference.